Saturday, April 16, 2011

Would a nose on any other person be as sensitive?

Dear Diary,

Well we are now past the half way point today’s entry is brought to you by the letter ‘N’. Nose is the topic for today; this was SO’s initial answer when I asked “what is a word that starts with ‘N’?” Of course I didn’t tell SO why I was asking and at first though well that’s not helpful what can I write about a nose. Then I thought I could write about what I find attractive in noses, but that’s not really interesting, nobody cares that it’s one of the features that I’m most drawn to. Or that mine is on the small to average size and covered with freckles.

However I have a very sensitive nose, my sense of smell seems to be more enhanced than other people. That is a topic I can write about … not that anyone is going to find it more interesting to read about. My sensitive nose can get me into trouble, most often this is with YS who (how can I put this tactfully) is not the neatest person. Whenever I go to YS’s house I have to remind myself that it’s not polite to plug my nose, to breath through my mouth and not take deep breaths. There is something about the way YS’s house smells that makes me nauseous. SO can smell it and says it’s unpleasant but not as bad as I seem to think, and YS’s friends don’t seem to notice at all. Also people who have pets that potty in the house cats, hamsters, mice; to me their houses all smell like there are animals that potty in the house. I can’t have a big trash can in the kitchen, we use the plastic bags from grocery stores and take it out every night; other wise I can smell the garbage, especially if there are potato peelings in it.

This sensitive nose of mine is really annoying, I hate walking though the perfume section of department stores, I hate the whole perfume floor. Also there are stores that spray perfume into their stores; Abercrombie is one of the worst. Candle and lotion shops all the scents mingling together is not a pleasant odor either. I have to say I am lucky that smells don’t bring on migraines like they did for my mom, they are generally just unpleasant. I had a friend who was born without the sense of smell, I don’t know that I would want to loose my sense of smell but I always thought it would be nice if I could give this friend some of my extra and we could balance each other out. Now you know more about my nose than you ever wanted to, aren’t you glad you decided to stop by?

Until next time,


  1. I have a sensitive nose, too. Sometimes it's annoying - like this one day a colleague brought trout and sauerkraut to work then heated it in the microwave. I literally gagged!

  2. I'm married to a man with a sensitive nose. It can be a tough thing.

  3. Certain smells bother me. Like some people (male or female) who take baths in fragrance. People who wear fragrance to the gym (WHY?), dog farts, pig farms...

    Some smells drive me crazy in a drooling kinda way. Fresh baked bread, barbeques, lemons, marzipan (or almond extract).


  4. I too have a sensitive nose. Sometimes it can actually give me a headache but most times not. The worst smell is reheating fish in the microwave and burnt popcorn. That drives me nuts.

  5. I found your post very interesting due to the fact that I seem to have a more sensitive nose than anyone I've met. At work, I am the biggest complainer--and the one raising if I smell bad odors in the nursing home halls. I can't stand it. Years ago, I worked in a nursing home where housekeeping was so lousy that the smell hit me in the face every morning I walked into the facility. Everyone else of my co-workers said they didn't smell anything, including the administrator. I left within a year. That place became so unpleasant to me...I'd wait in the car for a few minutes every morning, hesitant about coming in. I would hold my breath when walking

    I love perfumes, for the most. I'd rather the extreme of walking into a place mingled with all kind of


  6. Oh, come one... just one picture of your smallish freckled nose? I think my nose is normalish sensitive... I think I SMELL stuff, but distinguishing between similar smells, not so much. We have an indoor cat, but the litterbox is downstairs in the laundryroom and that doesn't seem to offend me nearly as much as my smoker husband...