Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pet peeves

Dear Diary,

Yep I'm complaining again. Today's complaint is my new pet peeve; not responding to correspondence. I get that sometimes you want to think about something before you reply. I understand, but just say that. How hard would it be to say "I'd like to give this a little thought I'll get back to you shortly"? Maybe it's because I'm unemployed that people do not feel my time is valuable (factoring in the amount of time I spend watching T.V. shows and movies they may have a point) but I've found that I'm not getting responses.

I was planning on hitting up a couple stores that I knew APF would enjoy so I sent a text saying I was going and asked if APF would like to tag along. NOTHING, that's right no response at all. I waited hours to see if APF would reply but that was days ago and still nothing. I told some other friends that there was an event taking place near their house that SO and I would be interested in if they were free (I also told them there was no pressure because there was an event by us that we would also enjoy if they were not free). NOTHING, like I never even sent the message. Not to mention the hundreds of job applications I have sent out without hearing anything, not even a quick "Your skills do not match what we are looking for".

These are the examples that are fresh in my mind but I know there are more. I just don't understand, my feelings are not going to be hurt, I get that just because I don't have a life and can do things last minute doesn't mean other people can, but don't leave me hanging. Tell me you don't have the time, that you are not interested in the activity, or you just don't want to do whatever it is. Tell me I'm not a candidate for the job so I can scratch it off my list. I will understand, but radio silence? That just sucks.

Until next time,