Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for ...

Dear Diary,

Today’s entry brought to you by the letter ‘K’. What topics come to mind for ‘K’ hum … this letter required a bit of thought. Finally it hits me it’s time for another picture. I know I just did a picture for ‘H’ but I have a great picture for ‘K’ so you should just sit back and be glad I’m not writing another woe is me entry because those come all too often. Drum roll please …. Kaleidoscope! I love kaleidoscopes, I could spend hours (full disclosure, probably minutes) looking into a kaleidoscope. We used to take trips to Sea Port Village when I was a kid, I don’t even know if it’s still there but there used to be a shop that sold really expensive kaleidoscopes, the best kaleidoscope was not for sale and it didn’t have colored bits inside it.
This kaleidoscope sat outside the shop in fact I’m not even sure if the kaleidoscope shop is related to the giant kaleidoscope outside but in my mind they are linked. Anyway this kaleidoscope sat outside and faced the ocean, and it was the most amazing and beautiful kaleidoscope ever, sometimes a sail boat would pass by and sometimes birds, but even if it was just the waves crashing on the beach it was beautiful. Then I got older and trips with my family became less important to me and I got too old for kids toys. One day SO, our friend (Significant others sibling from another set of parents, okay that nickname is long how about SOOP sibling of other parents) and I went to a botanical garden where we found a kaleidoscope that looked at plants! Enjoy =)

This is with SOOP's hand, kind of awesome!

I don't know what I was thinking, you are never to old to enjoy a kaleidoscope.

Until next time,


  1. How totally beautiful. Love kaleidoscopes.

  2. A very original "K" post. It's been years since I've looked at a kaleidoscope. They are amazing.

  3. I love kaleidoscopes! I was a girl scout leader briefly and we made them--I was impressed with the relative simplicity of them, but I do love a nice one!

  4. @ Vanessa - I know it's amazing to take an ordinary thing and see it in an abstract way.
    @ Empty Nest Insider - I was a little stuck on 'K' then I remembered these photos and knew I was going to do kaleidoscope!
    @ Hart Johnson - I had no idea you could make one at home, I'm going to have to try that now! Thanks

  5. I Love Kaleidoscopes! Some are real works of art and costly. I would go in one gallery from time to time just to fondle them...and of course look through them. I could never afford these beauties as they were $400 or more!