About Me

I am a person (glad we got that cleared up). Mostly I'm trying to figure out where I am going and what I want out of life. I had plans but the universe laughed, so I'm trying to see where the universe takes me. So far not enjoying the ride, but who knows the ride of my life might turn out to be the best one out there.

What else do you want to know? I love (scratch that) I LOVE to travel, unfortunately the universe is not providing many opportunities for that lately. I enjoy nature and outdoor activities but you would never guess it from looking at me since I'm so overweight. Hiking and white water rafting are two of my favorite activities. I love to read mostly fiction, but good fiction (okay and occasionally some smutty fiction).

I don't have a very big family, but my friends are also my family and I love the family I do have to the stars and back (I should tell you that now because I will make fun of them and complain about them). That is all I can think of for now and it's enough, I mean if your going to be reading my diary your going to know all there is to know eventually.

For those of you who actually read this page or at least scrolled to the bottom a sneak peek at one of my photos, photography page to come soon.