Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Self Diagnosing

Dear Diary,

Do you know what bugs me? Self Diagnosing. I know people who look at symptoms and decide what is wrong with them, maybe based on past experience, maybe based on a little google research, but mostly based on a combination of what they are hoping is the wrong and what will sound the most sympathy worth. My younger sibling (YS from now on) is really good at self diagnosing physical symptoms like if YS has a cough it must be a cold, unless YS wants to go somewhere and a cold would interfere with desired plans, then it's just allergies. Also self diagnosing is convenient because the diagnoses can change as needed. YS wanted to go out the night before and tells everyone it's fine it's just allergies, but the next day when YS was supposed to clean, "I can't I just don't have the energy I have a terrible cold". This is not such a big deal since YS lives alone and not cleaning doesn't affect anyone else, but it's an example I've heard numerous times.

The self diagnosing that bugs me most is the mental diagnoses. BB's favorite self diagnoses is OCD neat freak. I'm going to point out I have seen no evidence that would lead anyone to believe this diagnosis is accurate, but that doesn't stop BB from sharing this self diagnoses with the world as though it were an actual diagnoses. What I do have is evidence that this diagnosis is not fitting for BB. BB has some indoor pets (Okay this is a personal belief, but I do not think that a true OCD neat freak would have an indoor pet) since these pets live indoors they potty indoors, BB does not seem to smell their potty as strongly or as quickly as SO and I because BB does not clean the potty as often as SO and I would prefer. Also BB, SO and I have lived together for many months now and BB never cleans unless out of town company is coming over and then only if it is BB's company. That means that in the many months we have lived here BB has vacuumed twice, let me repeat that for you in capitol letters so it sinks in BB HAS ONLY VACUUMED TWICE. What OCD neat freak can go months with out vacuuming? I can't even go weeks without vacuuming and I honestly do not think I'm a neat freak. The OCD part looking at that on it's own, there are things that BB likes a certain way, like where the table is in the eat in kitchen. Do I think this is a sign of OCD no I think it has more to do with BB trying to assert authority, and I stubbornly move the table farther into the corner and out of the way on a regular basis (maybe that means I'm OCD, no it means I like the table out of the way so I can get to the washing machine).

What really baffles me about the mental self diagnosing, why would you want people to think you have mental problems? Even if you really thought you had a problem, wouldn't you talk to your shrink about it and try to overcome these problems? Did I miss the memo that having a mental disorder was a good thing, is it hip now? I have no problem with people embracing their quirky habits. If you are a neat freak, love who you are. If you are NOT don't tell people you are, you should love YOUR QUIRKS not some other persons quirks.

Until next time,


  1. In a book by Jerome K Jerome, he talks about this very thing, ending with "Handmaids elbow"
    Very well done

  2. I will have to read this book, maybe the author has the insights I am looking to understand.