Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Dear Diary,

It seems a number of the blogs that I read have been discussing perfection. Although I have had a entry that touched on this slightly, I've not  really talked in depth about this, and I might have insightful thoughts on this, or I might ramble we'll have to see.

To start with I do not see myself as perfect, even for the definition I use. Oh yes, I should probably explain my take on this. I think there is no perfect, perfect, but rather many perfects. I think that everyone has the potential to be the perfect version of themselves. I admire where people are going when they say there is no such thing as perfect, however, this takes away the motivation to strive for perfection. I think there is a best or perfect version of every individual, that encompasses all of their personal quirks, dreams, and uniqueness.

For explanations sake we will use myself as an example. I am not my perfect self, I'm a pretty good version of myself, but I feel that I can work on areas. I know that I can work harder at the exercise regiment, and I can measure food portions, and that would take me a step closer to my perfect self, but not because I would be thinner or healthier, but because I would be learning to over come emotional battles and I would be teaching myself better dedication and self discipline (side note I do not think that plastic surgery has a place in anyone's perfect self). Mostly I feel that my perfect self would be more understanding of others, this is something I am actively working on, trying to put myself in the position of other people so that I'm less judgmental of them. (honesty insert I am striving for this because I was noticing that my animal print friend (APF from now on) is a very judgmental person and I do not want other people to view me that way, I don't seem so noble now do I?) There are so many things I need to work on to become close to my perfect self, my perfect self would not only accept my quirks and things that make me unique but would love them and flaunt them as a symbol of how they make me perfectly me.

Until next time,

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