Sunday, February 20, 2011

Enough with the unsolicited attention

Dear Diary,

Today was a good day, got out of the house spent time with Significant other (hum I need an abbreviation for that so I don't have to write it out every time ... how about SO? I know not very creative but it's easy, in fact I think I'm going to make an abbreviation key to go on the side of my blog) and did a bit of socializing. However, when have you ever known me to focus on the positive? So onto something less positive and more puzzling; how is it that some people seem to be checked-out and hit on no matter where they go?

I'm being sarcastic-ish with this question, mostly because I think these people are reading into things or making crap up to feel better about themselves. Most of the time I am not around when this unsolicited attention takes place and I know more than one person who this question / observation applies to. This thought is prominent in my mind because I am living with my Best Buddy (now to be known as BB, another abbreviation for you) who is one of these people, but there are others who fit in this category as well. I look at the people in my life who claim to be hit on or checked-out on a regular basis, and most of them are average in appearance, I wouldn't say that any of these people are ugly by societies standards, but I wouldn't say that any of them are beautiful by societies standards. So it's not like I'm having some sort of self-esteem issue here because lets face it I do not get hit on or checked-out on a regular basis; but from what I see neither do they.

One example of my BB claiming to get checked-out; we are walking along a long stretch of sidewalk, and a person of the opposite sex is walking towards us, the person walking towards us smiles in our direction as we walk past. BB lowers voice and says something along the lines of 'did you see that person checking me out?'. Now I have two issues with this; the first being isn't it common courtesy to acknowledge other people and isn't this generally done with a smile and bit of eye contact? The second issue being the other person also made eye contact with me as they smiled and passed, why would you assume that IF any checking out was being done, that it was not me being checked-out? Okay so that was my example as to why I think people who are always claiming to be hit on / checked-out are reading into things.

Next onto why I think they may also make crap up to feel better about themselves. I will use another friend for this example I don't want to pick on BB too much, and these stories are pretty universal for this type of person in my experience. So this other friend I will call pink friend (I guess I need an abbreviation for this person too, I now dub them PF). So I have gone out with PF lots of times to lots of different places, and I have never seen anyone hit on or check out PF. However every time PF talks to me about somewhere PF has gone without me, doesn't matter where (grocery store, mall, the mechanics), someone was hitting on PF or checking PF out. To hear PF talk you would think they were a highly recognizable celebrity who never wore a disguise unless I am with PF. Now I understand that a person who finds PF attractive may not find me attractive, but what are the chances that PF would be inundated with unsolicatied attention all the time with the ONLY acception being when I'm around? I just don't buy it.

The point of these stories is really me wondering about how people get to the point where they need so much admiration from others that they read into simple common courtesies and make up fictional attention? Okay so BB is single and looking for love but PF is happily married. I feel that maybe society is partly to blame, I know that movies and magazines get blamed for a lot that is wrong with society, but how many times can you be shown over and over that if you are worth something, if you are beautiful, if you are successful, people will fall all over themselves to shower you with attention. Besides random strangers checking you out or hitting on you say nothing about you as a person, the way I see it, it says more about the random strangers and their superficiality, because lets face it if they don't know you and are hitting on you it's not for your brains (unless they are zombies, then chop off their head and run because they are generally travel in groups).

Until next time,

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