Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm going back to school!

Dear Diary,

I know that I am always complaining that I don't feel that I have accomplished as much as I would have liked by this time in my life. One of the things that seems to get to me more than other things is that I never finished my bachelors degree. I have an associates and most of my lower level general eds that can transfer to a university (the associates degree is from a college with a different accreditation system than universities) but one thing or another has always stopped me from actually transferring those credits to a university and getting my bachelors.

Well with all the extra time I have on my hands lately I managed to apply to the local university and I was accepted. Okay I know that universities really accept everyone, but it still feels nice to hear someone say "you were accepted", makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Anyway I think this may help with some self esteem issues I have been having. BB has a bachelors and will sometimes make comments that make me feel like I am somehow less for not having one. Although BB has parents who paid for quite a bit of BB's education, where I have had to pay it all myself. I also feel like the jobs I used to get so easily before now are requiring bachelors degrees, guess when the economy sinks employers can require receptionists and mail room clerks to have bachelors degrees. Plus with SO having a PhD I've been feeling a little left behind in the academic area, it's only fair that I get a chance to get out there and learn all sorts of new things while SO works for awhile.

Anyway I'm excited to finish this chapter of my life that was started so many years ago and put on hold while other chapters were written.


  1. Good Luck on your new adventure!!!

  2. You can NEVER go wrong with going to school and learning!! HORRAY For you!! And NO local Universiities/colleges do not accept just anyone. You have to have some smarts!!

    Go and explore and learn all you can. If you have chosen a major, my recommendation to you is take at least 1 class per quarter/semester for FUN that is totally unrelated to your major. It is amazing what this one class can do for you. I did it all through college and had the best experiences with my "Fun class".

    My best to you!!!

    (BTW, I was 32 when I got my BS!!!)

  3. I am very excited, the school I'm attending has a program that forces you to try things you wouldn't normally take. I don't know if all schools do this since this is the first real university I've been to, the school I'm attending calls it a Capstone program. I am excited and a little nervous too. I love to hear that other people didn't go straight from high school to college.

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