Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life without internet

Dear Diary,

So the A-Z challenge is over now I have to be the sole motivation to write, yikes. Well I have to write about not having internet for a week. We moved (Yippy) however moving sucks! I got to drive the rental truck which was pretty cool because it was a new experience, I didn't really care for it though. SO and I are mostly settled in there are a few more things we have to get since we have a bigger space now. It's amazing how much stuff we had tucked away in closets. I'm excited to resume my friendship with BB as friends and not roommates. Overall the move was a very positive thing, but I want Merlin from "The Sword and the Stone" to move my stuff next time because some of this stuff is heavy or awkward or both. (I love that the word awkward, looks awkward)

Although the internet company left a lot to be desired when scheduling our service "installation". First of all the people that were here before had cable internet, I know because we had to wait extra days for them to remove the fraud block that had been activated due to the other tenants. Second we were transferring service so our stuff is already set up to work. I'm not sure exactly what was installed, the guy gave us a new cable cord, but we had the other one and will probably put the other one on because it's longer. Also why did it take more than one day to remove a block, wouldn't you think it would just require someone to click a button? As for scheduling the installation tech to come out, there is only one company that offers cable internet for this location, you don't have to pretend to do anything you have a monopoly if we want cable internet you get to charge whatever fees you want, just charge them and enable the internet.

Okay I have to say I don't know what people did before internet. I read multiple books, we unpacked all of our stuff, we installed a cabinet in the bathroom (shhh don't tell the landlord) we did laundry, we went to the farmers market, we bought storage containers for all the dry goods in our kitchen and labeled them (we probably have the most organized cupboards ever), we went to the rebuilding center more than once looking for something we could turn into a kitchen island, we fought because we were bored and it gave us something to do, we walked to the grocery store. No wonder back in the old days people made everything by hand and from scratch, it kept them from going crazy from boredom. That being said, it was rather nice to be productive, it's nice to have all our stuff put away. However, I'm behind on my shows and I have so many blogs to read!

Until next time,

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  1. I hate moving. I have done it so many times.From moving across country from upstate NY to Davis CA (via Amtrak no less) to moves that were less than 5 miles. Last move, I had to drive the mega uhaul. Huge as a house. I was scared SH##less. Whenever the next move will be the worst ever, but I don't see that for a long time. Since I bought the house, moving is not so easy.

    The internet does take up a lot of time. The computer in general takes up a lot of time. I do all my bead pattern designing on it, research ideas etc.

    I think it is to blame for my fat butt.

    I am at a stand still on my blog...gotta get some sort of inspiration