Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Dear Diary,

Today’s entry is presented to you by the letter ‘W’. Waterfalls, I love waterfalls. I love that they are so strong and beautiful, so determined and graceful, so powerful yet fluid. I love that water seems so benign but has the power to knock down the strongest man. I love that man has harnessed water built dams and routed it through pipes giving us the ability to turn it off and on at will, yet water is free and can knock down entire cities in tsunamis and floods and can erode the strongest rocks. I find it fascinating that water is such an important part of our daily lives that we take it for granted and forget just how powerful it is. Waterfalls remind me of the power of water, but also it’s grace and beauty. Now who wants so pictures? Well I do and it’s my diary so here they are.
Toketee Falls

Wakina Falls

Fairy Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

Twin Falls
 I'm so glad the weather is warming up, more hikes to do and more waterfalls to see.

Until next time,  

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  1. I never thought of waterfalls that way before. It is amazing how powerful water is, and that we take it for granted. It was also interesting that you pointed out that waterfalls are both strong and graceful. Very well written, with beautiful photos! Julie