Saturday, March 12, 2011

If only I could see my life they way I see the lives of other people

Dear Diary,

Today I've got a strange little insight, SO and I had a discussion today about how different people we know go about different aspects of there lives. We talked about how people would have more time if they did this, or how someone else would be less stressed if they did this. Why is it that problems seem so obvious when they are not your problems?

I am sure that people will read this diary and say if that blogger would just do this their life would be so much easier. Why is it we cannot see these things for ourselves? Are we too close to the situation? Too emotionally involved? What is it that makes our own lives so challenging, yet we are able to see solutions to the problems of others at just a glance?

Maybe it’s because we don’t have all the details, maybe other people’s lives are just as complicated as our own. Maybe we see a plastic bottle floating in their otherwise pristine lake of life and think if they would just get rid of that bottle it would be perfect, but they know that bottle is connected to a huge drain and if they remove the bottle the lake will all go down the drain and dry out.

It’s easy to answer an equation with just a few steps, but not as easy if there are parenthesis, exponents and logarithms. I guess the moral of this story is I should focus on my own stuff. I need to remember that what I see on the surface is not all that is involved. I don’t think SO and I talking about other people’s lives was a bad thing (it’s not like it was gossip exactly), I think it shows we care and want to help, but ultimately you can’t fix things for other people they’ve got to figure it out for themselves. 

Until next time,

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  1. It's the big picture thing.
    I understand and if you would only.....
    :-) exactly